It's time to know
your money

We help people build, preserve, enjoy, and eventually transfer their wealth.

Financial Independence has a passion for educating investors to have confidence in their wealth management decisions. We believe an informed investor is a calm and savvy investor. For nearly three decades, we have remained firmly committed to lifelong fiscal education…and so have our clients.

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Our Approach
In 1995, Financial Independence Founder Bill Kumm embarked on a decidedly different path from the one he saw most financial planners pursuing. What began as a discovery became something of a mission—the truth that educated and informed investors will make better decisions when it comes to their family and business. Bill would go on to form Financial Independence, a firm rooted in the philosophy that it is critically important that a family understands, not only the challenges of building their wealth, but also the threats that can reduce it.

Continuing Education

At Financial Independence, we believe that advisors and investors alike should embrace lifelong learning. We find that too many save too little for retirement, and that too few take the initiative to educate themselves on even the basics of economics, wealth management and investment strategy. Whether you are our client today or not, we invite you to continue learning with us.